Henkinen maatason retriitti: ihmistietoisuuden renessanssi

torstai 16. maaliskuuta 2017
laatinut Dave O.

[As you read, listen to Edom '(Avicii) [YouTube] at 1min 30secs]

Dear … ?

I no longer know what to call us! Students, participants, experiencers? We are modern mysteries, ancient enigmas.

We are at Spiritual Ground Zero – surely a good thing. Fresh starts, new beginnings. Yet I find the oldest ways coming back, the purest and clearest methods of transmitting Consciousness. It’s an undefinable and indescribable feeling, yet palpable and confidently doable - the Enlightenment Transmission has proven itself effective every time in 17 years of non-stop activity.

We go deeper on our journey into Consciousness and Enlightenment Transmission.

Spiritual Ground Zero” because old, cloying matters have been cleared away. The world builds, whilst the spiritual person tears down! Ego, concepts and false idols go onto the fire.

We are at the beginning. The slate wiped clean. Moving forward without concepts, experientially devouring everything in our path. We are Consciousness.

At the time of writing I cannot tell you what this Retreat will be, only that it will be and that it is destined. Those who are to be there, will be.

A fresh approach, requires fresh guidance. That will happen.

I cannot say more because there has to necessarily an element of mystery and of choice!

Contact me if you know that you feel a pull to attend the Spiritual Ground Zero Pure Consciousness’ 7-Day Summer Island Retreat, 7-14th August.

Dave Oshana

As always we have endeavoured to keep your participation costs as low as possible, even offering the actual ‘teaching’ time at 50% off normal rates and continuing to take significant financial risks. We managed to negotiate a price freeze last year but that period has ended now.

The early bird price is 1050€. Tenting is even cheaper. To qualify for the "early bird price" payment should be made before 31st May. Do not book flights until you have been accepted your local transportation discussed.