7-viikkoinen Live Online Video puhdistava henkinen retriitti (NSFW)

tiistai 2. toukokuuta 2017
laatinut Dave O.

We live in heady times. We are in a 7-day (spread over 7x7 days) live online retreat phase which culminates on 18th June, Enlightenment Day Eve, the most powerful time of the year for Enlightenment Transmission!

I say “heady times” because bilious clouds of nausea and psychosomatic stress are encountered by spiritual seekers en-route to a breakthrough as they journey through inner psychic highways strewn with the psychic detritus discarded by the false identity of the egoic mind as it flees the incoming forces of Enlightenment Transmission Light.

This is what it is like to attend the first few days of an Enlightenment Transmission Retreat. Even though the island-bound seas are placid, the waves of Enlightenment Transmission have you in a washing machine spin cycle that takes 7 days to complete. No one wants to jump off the ego surgery operating table in the midst of an extraction. Ah, such is the necessary rhythm of human life: shit, shave, shower, manicure, massage, colonic and the pièce de résistance: ego extraction! Your whole life has been leading to this so why stop reading now?

Well, I leave the choice to you. Nothing can adequately prepare you for this.


You don't get what you want, you get what you need!

On the outside our retreats are quiet placid affairs but internally, within each individual, are raging storms of ancient disharmony ominously looming, threatening to break their mock quietude. Move over meditator! This is cleaning – epic style!

I’ll compose myself! You don’t know the half of it! Ok, I failed! I can’t hold back the secrets any longer. They will have to lock me up!

Please contribute to my eventual freedom fund from physical incarceration by joining my events, an honest price for an honest day’s labour many times less than the ridiculous rip-off fees that seekers pay to bogus charmers and mocku-gurus.

This Enlightenment Transmission work is truly subversive, goes under and beyond any faux spiritual development work that you have ever had the misery to encounter. This is not development - this is breakthrough! Feel free to turn your back on an opportunity of a lifetime – my lifetime since it can only be offered for a few more years before I get creaky and cranky! It’s not pretty or poetic but downright ugly and awesomely effective. On the surface peace and harmony – but within inner turmoil. I really don’t want to kick over anyone’s psychic slop bucket if they are trying to keep it together for the boss. But if you are feeling a pinch in your abdomen and you are suspecting it’s time to purge, then come on over, pull up a rocking chair and start rocking and shaking. You only have years of stress and aggravation to release.

I must have written this all for someone. It’s just not like me at all!

The toilet is that way -->

The next event is --> ‘The Worm in The Grinder

Don’t forget to contact me soon to catch a replay of Day 1 --> ‘Within the Enlightenment Transmission Communal Consciousness Accelerator

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