Free Exhibition

Suora, kokemuksellinen polku No Mind-tilaan, heräämiseen ja valaistumiseen (Sisemise Tarkuse Päevad)

Aika: lauantai 5. marraskuuta 2011 16.30 - 17.30

Opettaja: Dave Oshana

The enlightened consciousness is available to every human being,
because it is the soul's natural state.

Join me, and others, as we directly experience the fascinating reality
of this subject at the same time as it is described.

The everyday mind, after long and persistent conditioning, has misidentified itself to be the temporary and arbitrary persona.

Outside of the mind exists a world of beautiful phenomenon, the gifts of Creation. The No Mind state, highly prized in mystical texts, is actually easy to enter. Hard and long meditation and yoga practices are not required to simply reach the spectacular vistas wonderful beyond your everyday mind. An enlightened teacher, simply through presence, can bring the necessary energy to liberate a person from the locked-down ego's perspective. The No Mind experience can uplift and transform your life.

Of Awakening there are many kinds. Awakening is where your inner faculties and abilities open up and become active. You become like a new creation in a new world. The ability to understand, recognise and handle ambient environmental energies is vital because they are unavoidable. A competent spiritual guide is required to restore you to a high level of personal competency in harmonising managing your energies.

Enlightenment is a unique class of Awakening. The everyday mind is connected through your localised awareness to the source of Consciousness. You experience yourself primarily as infinity with a complementary insight into the rich world of Creation through the physical body and its associated faculties.

Since my Enlightenment on 19th June 2000, I have dedicated every day to sharing this state of Consciousness with spiritual seekers everywhere. I am supported by an energetic field which I term the “Enlightenment Transmission”. The Transmission creates the necessary conditions, experiences and understanding for a person to become free from many kinds of internal blockages which prevent a full and happy life.

Miracles are possible.
It is easy to discover the biggest open secret available to a living, created being.