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Koe Enlightenment Transmission: nauti rakkaudesta, elämästä, naurusta ja täydestä yhteydestä (Portland)

Fantastinen, ilmainen ja harvinainen mahdollisuus kokea autuus, valaistuminen ja Enlightenment Transmission USA:ssa.

Aika: torstai 19. lokakuuta 2017 18.30 - 21.00

Opettaja: Dave Oshana

Now it is your turn to directly experience the amazing benefits of the Enlightenment Transmission and find out what others are raving about

Meet Dave at this free Introduction to prepare for the Intensive Days in beautiful MidCoast Maine.

Oct 21st-22nd ‘Surprising Self-Discoveries: The Integration of Mind and Body for Enlightenment (Maine)’

Oct 22nd-23rd ‘Experiencing The Circular Energies of Consciousness, Matter and Existence for Enlightenment (Maine)’

Oct 24th-27th ‘A Fully Committed Life of Infinite Possibilities (Maine)’

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Excited to be back on the fresh ocean shores of Maine, Enlightened spiritual teacher Dave Oshana will share the exceptional Enlightenment Transmission to a public audience of hungry spiritual seekers.

The Enlightenment Transmission is not like anything you have ever encountered. What has been repeatedly observed is that around it, people experience increased energy, awareness and ability to tune into one’s true life mission.

The Enlightenment Transmission is not a technique or method. Its highly transformational and effective results do not depend upon your own personal efforts. There is nothing to practice. Instead you will find yourself spontaneously more present and blissful.

This meeting will not be like an ordinary meditation. No ‘self-discipline’ is required. You simply show up. Dave then silently works with every person in the room to take them further along their spiritual path to self-realization.

Dave will also share his own experiences, firstly as a pre-Enlightened spiritual seeker and then as an Enlightened spiritual teacher. His approach is warm, friendly, accessible, often humorous and always personal. He follows no tradition or teacher except the Enlightenment Transmission.

If you have been spiritually seeking on religious and spiritual paths, you will find Dave’s Enlightenment Transmission worthy of your attention and participation. This may be a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet an authentic Enlightened spiritual teacher and experience spiritual reality as directly revealed by the Enlightenment Transmission.

Please spread the word.

Finally, meeting Dave at an introductory event such as this is the best way to fulfil the preparatory eligibility requirements for deeper and more profound exposures to the Enlightenment Transmission, such as Enlightenment Transmission Intensives and Retreats in several countries. All details can be found at


1844 Forest Ave (Route 302),
ME 04103

Everyone is welcome.
Free entrace (appreciative donations welcome to cover costs but not obligatory)
Arrive early. Seating is limited.
Doors will be shut when lecture starts.
Lecture in English.
Lecture will finish by 9pm followed by questions and  personal meetings for registering for Intensive and Retreats

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Bring the Enlightenment Transmission to the USA by printing a few posters/flyers and displaying them in your neighborhood. If you have questions or suggestions about printing and promoting then feel free to contact us by regular email or contact-form.

An Oshana Enlightenment Transmission teaching event is a jump into the unknown, far beyond the mind, to experience a life without limitation.