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Periksi antaminen absoluuttiselle tietoisuudelle

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Date: sunnuntai 26. helmikuuta 2017 19.00 - 22.00 Your Time:

Opettaja: Dave Oshana

Sharing Consciousness

Wouldn’t you like sometimes to just give up? I would. I do. All of the time. When all is said and done what is left at the end of the day when you go into deep sleep but the Absolute? Another word for the Absolute is Consciousness.

We can call it Absolute Consciousness. It’s where we came from. We knew it as babies. One day we will return to it. But we can also know it now – all of the time. It’s the ultimate high, the deepest rest and our final destination.

Absolute Consciousness is very accessible. It’s merged within the cells of your body, the thoughts in your mind and your everyday awareness. If you relax just a bit, lose a few layers of holding patterns and allow your senses to widen then you can feel this Consciousness. Loosen up just a bit more and you will be deep within. Eventually you will fully merge and you will not go anywhere else. There is nothing quite like home. Infinity, eternity and absolute merging are your home.

Come as you are and leave quite different. Attend the live event if you can but if not book the MP3 or Replay.

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Please book early enough to receive full energetic and technical guidance for this Call. In this way you can get the biggest breakthroughs and best spiritual preparation.

*Replays and MP3s for this class will not be available for several weeks*

Any questions? Send us an email or contact-form.

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Everyone who joins the live Teacher Call will have the opportunity to listen to the Replay of the main part of the Call free of charge (if you book the Live Call via DaveOshana.com. There is no fixed delivery date for this but there also may be invites to private Replay streaming sessions too.)


You will need to install an application (if you have never joined a Teacher Call) to participate. Contact us as soon as possible for guidance if this is your first time using the communication software so that there is enough time to prepare you.

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NOTE: There are a limited number of online slots for this Call. To attend the Call you need to install call software on your computer, smartphone or tablet (although it's better for your health and receptivity if WiFi and EMF radiations are disabled in all devices). You need to test that it works as soon as possible, otherwise you might not be able to join the Call.

The aim of this Call is to help each attendee to fully unlock their true to potential and thus fulfil their personal destiny. The event is 30€ in advance, for a minimum of 2 hours (but commit to listen for 3 hours) and starts exactly on time.

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This is a live event.

No alcohol, intoxicants or drugs should be consumed within 3 days of this Call (ask about prescribed medications).