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Tietoisuuden lasku ja virtaus täydelliseen rentoutumiseen ja heräämiseen

Totaalinen lepo ja rentoutuminen ja täysi aktiivisuus

Date: sunnuntai 10. syyskuuta 2017 19.00 - 22.00 Your Time:

Opettaja: Dave Oshana

Consciousness underpins everything - this event will take you to the root of existence.

Everything has a rhythm. Consciousness has a rhythm. The flow of Consciousness is full awakening, The ebb of Consciousness is full relaxation. This online class will guide you meditatively, experientially and informatively to recognise the ebb and flow of Consciousness so that you can achieve full relaxation. In turn, full relaxation will enable you to be fully alert, active and energised when you need to be.

Join this online class for a pleasurable, meditative and experiential journey through the ebb and flow of Consciousness.

[This class nicely complements last week's highly acclaimed meditative class: ‘Get Your Consciousness Life-Force Pump Working!’]


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What you Need to Listen

You will need an app to watch/listen/participate. If this is your first time or you require assistance, then email or contact us to ask for details to join this or any Enlightenment Transmission event.


Anyone can apply to participate but newcomers should email us or use the contact-form well in advance to receive technical and energetic guidance.

Event is a minimum of 2 hours.

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