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Live Video uusinta maailman laajuisesta 11:11 @11 Enlightenment Transmission yhteyskokemuksesta

takaisin yleisön pyynnöstä ja oudosta tapahtumasta johtuen

Date: sunnuntai 4. helmikuuta 2018 19.00 - 21.45 Your Time:

Opettaja: Dave Oshana

Sudden surprise free video replay of the praised, humorous and informative 11/11 event.  If you have made yourself known in the past then you have a chance of getting in at short notice if not then now is the time to get the free Oshana Loyalty Card for future surprise events. One can never be too prepared for Transmission. Tech support will be very limited to non-existent to mimic the supposed nature of the universe.

Themes: Enlightenment Transmission, humour, connection, contact, identity, experience, interaction, modern spirituality, No Mind, the mind, conditioning, expression, sensing energy flows, awakening the senses, closed paradigms, true experience, etc...


Enlightenment Transmission is the Juice of Love

Registration is required and the install of an app. Spaces are limited.

Helsinki 7pm - Berlin/Paris 6pm - London 5pm
Caracas 1pm - NYC Noon - Chicago 11am
Los Angeles/Vancouver 9am
Sydney 4am

To receive information about how to attend this event, you should book the event on DaveOshana.com (you will need to create an account if you do not have already).

If Dave has not met you then please send me an email via my personal contact-form introducing yourself: your name, your location, spiritual wishes, how you found out about the Enlightenment Transmission and anything else that you want to mention.

If you require help creating a DaveOshana.com account or activating (you need to receive an email with an activation link) then please contact our DaveOshana.com website support team.

So this is what you need:

  1. An activated DaveOshana.com account
  2. Book the free event on DaveOshana.com
  3. Write something about yourself if Dave does not know you.
  4. Receive email instructions about how to attend the event.
  5. Switch on your webcam for extra Enlightenment Transmission

We have plenty of space but it's first come, first served. Book now and setup soon!