Taivaan luominen maan päälle Enlightenment Transmissionin kanssa

Rakkauden, sieluyhteyden ja luonnollisen harmonian maailma - kuten sen pitäisi olla.

Aika: torstai 2. elokuuta 2018 18.00 – torstai 9. elokuuta 2018 16.00

Opettaja: Dave Oshana

Heaven is here, within our midst, accessible but not yet actualised. We touch Heaven every time we experience Enlightenment Transmission. We enter Heaven on every Enlightenment Transmission Retreat, Heaven reaches down to Earth. We feel Heaven’s effects before and long after the Retreat. We are changed and see how life could be. People look the same but everything feels different, magical. We relate to others like we have never done before, we see them, from the inside. We fall in love with existence and find our own true self.

An Enlightenment Transmission Retreat is like nothing that we have experienced before. The wisdom is always fresh and exactly what we need. The mind does not immediately notice everything that happens but in time recognises more. We feel at home all of the time, and cared for, even in our sleep.

By the completion of the retreat, we know that we have received something of inestimable worth that will reveal its full value over the coming months and years. An Enlightenment Transmission Retreat is a vision of how life could be. Forever more we will look upon the Enlightenment Transmission in wonder and for guidance. One day all may know Enlightenment Transmission. Enlightenment Transmission is for humanity, our planet and eternity. Collectively and individually, we need Enlightenment Transmission more than ever.

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Made in Finland: #1 country for happiness and clean air

168 hours of full-on continuous Enlightenment Transmission immersion:  The Enlightenment Transmission Sauna Effect

Our uniquely themed Enlightenment Transmission Retreats deliver transcendental experiences, paradigm-breaking revelations and unexpected personal realisations  in a natural island highly praised for its peace, beauty and purity.

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Precision Revelation Awaits

A rapid succession of breakthroughs, revelations and realisations.


An Incredible Lightness of Being Awaits

This event will have all of the essential benefits, best features and qualities of all Enlightenment Transmission Retreats but also have a unique focus in accordance with the group’s development, including an emphasis on:

  • Individual Needs
  • Body and Energies
  • Self-Care and Personal Retreat
  • Healthy Exchange
  • Revelation
  • Preparation


Breakthrough Experiences Await

Accelerated spiritual development - experiences of inexplicable clearings, synchronicities, spontaneous healings, profound understandings and unimaginable revelations.

Oshana Enlightenment Transmission Teaching Retreats are fully immersive group experiences to ensure rapid and deep transformation. Consequently, adequate preparation is an attendance pre-requisite to ensure eligibility - even for veterans of previous Retreats. The upcoming Retreat will push each successful applicant beyond their present limits. Personal breakthrough is not an option, it’s a mandatory expectation. Participants will be open, honest, vulnerable, courageous, selfless and have no limits.

The basic eligibility requirements are: familiarity with the Transmission, Teacher, Teaching and Teaching Group. It is possible for those who have never attended a real-world Enlightenment Transmission event with Dave to fulfil these requirements but it can take many months. Therefore, the process should be started as soon as possible.

There are advanced eligibility requirements too. These include: attending regular Teacher Calls, having a sufficient amount of One-to-Ones with Dave and agreeing to certain rules about personal conduct during and after the Retreat. Everyone who fulfils the basic eligibility requirements will have their own personal advanced eligibility requirements explained to them.

We are accepting bookings and spaces are filling up.

International participants will be glad to book their flights early enough to take advantage of early bird savings.

The 7-day Summer Island Retreat is intense, intensive and life-changing. Assessment, guidance and preparation are required. If you have never met Dave then inquire as soon as possible otherwise you might have to wait for a later Retreat.

dave oshana group conservatory

About the Annual Summer Island Retreat

The annual Summer Island Retreat is the main event on the Oshana Enlightenment Teaching calendar. It represents an unparalleled opportunity to experience continuous Enlightenment Transmission and Enlightenment Teaching, in new and exciting ways on a beautiful peaceful island, free from urban distractions, with excellent healthy food and great company. The whole year has been leading up to this.


Abundant Teaching

There is no fixed teaching schedule or content. Assume an average of 3 x 2 hour classes per day but do not be surprised if a single class spans 36 hours. You can either tune in or sleep at any time. Teaching will include a lecture board, questions and answers, experiential exercises practiced alone or with others, Oshana Energy Work and a host of surprises. Teaching happens in a variety of locations.

24 Hour Transmission

The real reason why anyone attends an Oshana Retreat is to experience the Transmission, the effects of which can be felt en-route to the Retreat and for months afterwards. It sometimes happens that the Transmission is so strong that everyone falls asleep (even after a good night’s sleep), in which case Teaching switches to internal mode.

Personal Time with Oshana

Generally, Oshana will meet with and talk to everyone on the Retreat during class and walkabouts. Special time is normally set aside for private One-to-Ones which, because of the continuous Transmission and Retreat preparation, are often unexpectedly intense.

pink flowers

Tasty Organic Dairy-Free Vegan International Cuisine

Our cook is passionate about cooking and lovingly pays attention to the finer details of every meal. With over 25 years experience in preparing excellent foods from ingredients sourced from her well-stocked garden, neighbouring organic farms and organic wholefood suppliers, she has adapted her macrobiotic cooking style to suit the requirements of the Oshana Energy Food Diet, which is a valuable support on your spiritual path. Our diet is vegan, dairy-free and organic where possible. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, the occasional dessert treat and a constant supply of healthy, tasty teas are included in the Retreat price. Our chilled drinking water comes from a natural well. If you have a special diet then consult us asap to determine if our cook can cater for you requirements or if a way can be found for you to create your own meals and still be on time for class.

retreat pier

An Idyllic Beautiful Natural Island

Our island is virtually uninhabited; mainly forest plus one small organic farm, which includes strawberries, honey and peas. The local nature also provides wild strawberries, blueberries, lingonberries, mushrooms and variety of herbs. Wildlife includes elk, deer, swans, badgers, eagles and owls.

Sunbathing, Swimming, Sauna and Boating

In your free time, you will have the option to swim, sun, sleep or sauna. Surfing and sailing are not available yet, unless you bring your own, but we have a canoe, kayak and rowboat for your personal use.

retreat sunset sea

Full Range of Accommodation Options

We can accommodate you in a cosy, rustic farmhouse or under the stars looking out at the sea. Farmhouse rooms get booked quickly and are mostly shared single sex or couples. We have a shared tent facility with a cool wood stove, elevated beds and even bookshelves. Bringing your own tent is another option, though if you want to bring a campervan, please enquire in advance because space and electricity hook-ups are limited.


Before and after the Retreat, all participants are recommended to allow plenty of space and time to integrate the changes they have experienced from the Transmission.

Overseas visitors are recommended to stay at least one night in Helsinki before and after the Retreat. Before the Retreat they can step down from their usual lifestyle habits, to rest, compensate for jetlag, acclimatise to the Finnish environment and receive pre-Retreat Transmission in a relaxed and comfortable way. After the Retreat, instead of rushing back to a busy, hectic life which is full of distractions, they can gently integrate what they have received, while stepping slowly back into ordinary society life.

Oshana is often available 1-2 days after the Retreat for special One-to-Ones to review people’s experiences and possible next steps. Normally everyone has significant revelations or issues arise during the Retreat, which could benefit from exploring and talking through in the light of Transmission. Overseas visitors, who want One-to-Ones before the Retreat, should email OshanaOffice Finland about availability before booking international travel. Generally, Dave will not teach for at least two days before a Retreat.

Application Requirements

If you want to attend this Retreat, then you need to prepare yourself. This is normally accomplished by attending Oshana Teaching events of shorter duration, including One-to-Ones, Intensives and shorter Retreats. If you are relatively new to the Oshana Teaching, then you should contact OshanaOffice Finland by email or contact-form as soon as possible for preparation advice, as the process takes time and cannot be rushed. 


OshanaOffice Finland will endeavour to get every participant, especially overseas visitors, a car ride to and from the Retreat, mainly from Helsinki. Otherwise a simple bus ride gets near enough to the island for us to collect anyone not coming by car.


Prices inclusive of all teaching, food and residential facilities are 1050€ for a farmhouse room (usually shared) and 987€ for camping (bring own tent).

Spaces are limited. Do not book flights until you have been accepted and transportation discussed.