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Directly Experience Enlightenment & Community with Dave Oshana

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"My approach focuses only on supporting the real you."
Dave Oshana ~

A Warm Welcome!

I invite you to contact me. Only direct contact can produce the best change.


Feel free to introduce yourself. All correspondence comes directly to me. If you do not have my email address then use my contact-form.

Immediate Proof

You require experiential proof not empty words and promises. Enlightenment is shared when me come together. 

Immediately Accessible

I make Enlightenment personally accessible. I have been continuously sharing since my own Enlightenment, 19th June 2000.

Available & Giving

  • To demonstrate the meaning, purpose and possibility of Enlightenment through actual experiences.

  • To support individuals to support each other.
    To reveal "secrets" of perception, mind and thinking.

  • To expose misdirection, coercion and flawed methods.

  • To empower free-thinking, freedom and exploration.

  • To liberate from obsession, compulsion and addiction.

  • To heal broken relationships within oneself to oneself, others and existence.

  • To catalyse spontaneity, responsibility, free-expression and creativity.

Live Online Meetings

There are weekly public group and private one-to-ones via the free Zoom app.

Real-World Meetings

Meet me in Helsinki, on my travels or host a meeting with me in your town.

38 Free Videos

Familiarise yourself with my basic style via 38 Enlightenment Transmission YouTube videos.

Download Enlightenment Transmission MP3s

MP3s on a wide variety of subjects from weekly online meetings. After booking they become available via my page.

Video Replays Available Upon Request

Curious about an upcoming or past online meeting? If you are unable to attend live, you can request an online video replay. Use email or my contact-form.


We can, should and are supporting each other to grow, develop and find true meaning and happiness. There are free weekly online meetings for those who get involved.

Weekly Newsletter

After registering for a free account at daveoshana.com you will be shown weekly newsletter options which you can update via your settings page.

Try Me

I am more available, interactive and immersive than you are used to.

Enlightenment Transmission Blessings,
Dave Oshana


Experience Enlightenment Transmission
Experience Enlightenment Transmission