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Experience Enlightenment Transmission with Dave Oshana

Dave Oshana appears to be a spiritual teacher offering a process, a relationship, Enlightenment Transmission, an energy field, communion and an invisible community, more than a fixed teaching or product range, sometimes no teaching at all but the deepest meaning and profundity.


It is of the utmost urgency that you discover who you are and start living your true life.

There are a variety of formats to interact with me. I recommend that you send an email via my contact form and just see what happens. The more open and honest you are, the more intimate and personal will be my response.

Enlightenment Transmission happens whenever we have contact, and is present in recordings of my events and in those who have contact with me. I am conscious of this process but still mystified and fascinated after 20 years of close daily observation.

I repeat and re-emphasize: this is a personal process not a remote and distant one. This does not mean though that you have to tell me about yourself. What takes place happens in a realm of being that is real, meaningful and definitely tangible. Aiming to get you clarity, clearing and connection...

Sharing Enlightenment: The End of Spiritual Seeking
Sharing Enlightenment: The End of Spiritual Seeking