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Experience Enlightenment Transmission with Dave Oshana

DaveOshana.com patiently awaits discovery amongst the standard fare of spiritual marketplace. Nothing is what it seems on the surface. Experiencing unusual energies as daily normality is the inheritance.

Clear seeing of contradictions, clarity about what you want and don't want and the courage to face the consequences of change. The awareness must come from the body, not the mind.

I help participants become more aware, get clearer about what they want and find the courage to get unstuck, directly by communicating with them in a group or one-to-one or indirectly through my videos and online audios.

Many spiritual ideas are inappropriate for returning to a natural, happy, healthy human state.

Like most people, you are probably caught in double binds, having unconsciously learned contradictory ideas, unuseful behaviours and to give mixed messages.

A very pithy attempt to define the purpose of Dave Oshana's Enlightenment Transmission:

Enlightenment Transmission and Oshana-Energy-Work Method support consciousness and life-force to fully enter inner dimensional bodies, releasing life blockages, stuck erroneous patterns and mental toxins, and promoting a return to fuller self-awareness, self-expression and integration with your Original Self and Existence.

I never tire reading weekly about Enlightenment Transmission miracles but I wish I had time, energy and space to post the feedback. You would then understand why I have been excited not only by Enlightenment but the Awakenings catalysed by Enlightenment Transmission.

Have you seen my Enlightenment Transmission YouTube channel? I hear they do not fully show what I offer, however if a person watches closely, even with the sound off, they reveal a lot, imho.

Enlightenment is real.

I can help you.

Try me.

Contact me today.

I am grateful that you have visited my website, perhaps interested in Enlightenment Transmission.

The Enlightenment Transmission effortlessly brings profound spiritual, energetic and life benefits, all sorts of mystical and practical experiences, transformations and breakthroughs.I have been fascinated to observe these non-stop miracles for 19 years.

Enlightenment Transmission has a strong cleansing effect, and detoxes stuck thoughts, feelings and emotions. It is therefore recommended to drink pure water, shower, wear fresh clothes and be as close to a nature, when possible, because these make detoxification easier.

I was a spiritual seeker for 25 years until I became Enlightened.
I know how frustrating it can be.

Enlightenment happens in our connection.
I am here to serve.

My YouTube channel has 37 introductory videos.

"Enlightenment Transmission" is my word for the existential medium that  connects everything. When we lack ET, then we fall asleep and are exploited.  When we get sufficient ET, then we wake up and manifest our true nature.

Dave Oshana was a spiritual seeker on an intense quest for Enlightenment for 25 years. He tried many spiritual teachers, teaching and techniques but nothing got him Enlightened. For several years he told his spiritual friends that he doubted whether Enlightenment existed but then suddenly he became Enlightened. Dave now shares and proves in a direct and simple way that we can all become Enlightened. Experiencing is believing.

Since the year 2000 I have been full-time sharing my experience of Enlightenment and seekers have had awakenings and many other benefits. Try this at least once.

I am here to provide support and assistance for your spiritual path. My own spiritual path was 25 frustrating years which could have been foreshortened if I had been correctly guided. However the spiritual marketplace is basically the blind leading the blind and built on centuries of misunderstanding. I only understood all this after I got Enlightened. With my support, you will be able to understand more and faster than I did as a seeker and this will give you many benefits.

Every Enlightenment Transmission event is tailored to those present. I aim "low" and "high" at the same time, meaning that everyone will get something. That "something" is a package of verbalised insights but the best part are deep insights, sensations and experiences which participants receive even if they for some reason are not hearing my words.
Native English speakers will have the advantage of being able to catch some of my nuanced meanings, wordplays and cultural references.
Most seekers who come to me have had similar experiences and understandings, and so find a high degree of congruence and coherence in my talks. The difference, perhaps, is that I was considered a "dummy" when I was a seeker. Nearly everything I knew back then has been discarded and everything I know now came after Enlightenment on 19th June 2000.
I liken the Enlightenment Transmission to the Holy Spirit. Recently, I have described the Enlightenment Transmission as the 'fluid' the One Body that we are all part of.

The Oshana Enlightenment Transmission Teaching is the sum of total of wisdom that has come from the Enlightenment Transmission. The actual way to Enlightenment is a process and not a verbal or written teaching.

Dave Oshana's approach is real, personal and comprehensive spiritual teaching that allows you to explore the full meaning of life and your energy body. The primary active ingredient is the Enlightenment Transmission, an energetic experience that promotes spiritual awareness and freedom in an effortless, miraculous way.

Dave says: After a lifetime of seeking Enlightenment I unexpectedly became Enlightened on 19th June 2000. I discovered that  much of the spiritual advice that I had received was either incorrect or misunderstood. Consequently, I help seekers find their own path to Enlightenment by sharing my own state of awareness and an intelligent energy field that I call the Enlightenment Transmission. The results have been impressive but you can decide for yourself by experiencing the Enlightenment Transmission by meeting me in person or online.

The simplest way to find out if the Enlightenment Transmission Teaching is for you is to watch some videos on the ‘Dave Oshana Enlightenment Transmission Teaching’ YouTube channel. I also recommend a listening to carefully selected audio excerpts on a variety of themes taken from my Live Online Enlightenment Transmission Classes. These videos and audios will help you gain self-understanding, spiritual development and Enlightenment.
You can experience the powerful, positive, inspiring and transformational effects of the Enlightenment Transmission via the many spiritual teaching resources on DaveOshana.com including Enlightenment Transmission Teaching  online classes.

DaveOshana.com will support your spiritual journey towards Enlightenment in this lifetime. Enlightenment is the direct experience of knowing your original self. Other words for Enlightenment are Self-Realization, Liberation, Unity Consciousness, God Consciousness and Great Awakening.

DaveOshana.com will connect you to the Enlightenment Transmission, the energy which makes Enlightenment and full Self-Awareness possible.

Audio and video recordings of Dave Oshana's classes give spiritual guidance and the experience of the Enlightenment Transmission. You can attend live online classes, broadcast over the internet, on DaveOshana.com. You can also book replays of any online classes which take your fancy.