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Dave O.
Fri, 29 Mar 2019

Finding Truth When Language Lies, Beyond Mind Babel

For some reason it’s difficult to find certainty. You suspect that you are being lied to – and you are. Yet you sense that the truth lies somewhere. To avow otherwise would be disingenuous. When you are lied to, you lose grip of reality, and fear insanity, exploitation and manipulation. Yet life is a risky proposition, compelling us to take risks all of the time.

The one risk that really matters is whether you are gaining or losing the truth. If your truth is lost then you lose your absolute point of reference and adopt relative ones. You are then forced to wander the Earth in an attempt to regain your Original View. During the time of wandering, it is highly likely that you will be reprogrammed, repurposed and re-orientated, thus making it even harder to find your truth.

Everyone has been subject to this re-conditioning program: it is termed “social development”. Interestingly though, despite this Procrustean standardisation, none of us are able to truly talk with each other, but we can very well talk at, through, over and down to each other. People talk, but they don’t seem to notice whether they are listening or being heard. In such cases, by definition, communication has not happened. Ironically, we can build tall skyscrapers but not big hearts. The Tower of Babel could have reached the Gods, but would the humans, upon arriving in the heavens, have understood what they were witnessing, let alone been able to communicate it?

We haven’t lost the truth. It has been here all of the time. But our cognitive systems are in disarray. We no longer see, hear or think clearly. Our languages are all broken, and yet they are the only cognitive currency of social exchange. We trade in fakes, as soon as we speak. We receive forgeries, as soon as we listen. How on Earth then are we ever going to be able to communicate truth?

Ironically, the change is not going to happen first and foremost from the mind but from the heart. There needs to be a change of heart because the present heart that we have is an artificial transplant, an impostor that does not pump or receive love. Instead, it transacts, like a bank, with contracts and obligations, and maintains customer credit scores. That is not love, but business.

Tellingly and mindbogglingly, we have an expression that is both an oxymoron and tautology at the same time in “unconditional love”. Love by definition can never be conditional, therefore it is wholly unnecessary to describe love as unconditional. A mind built upon doublespeak is unlikely to recover truth; any presumed “progress” is likely to be of the “one step forward, two steps back” kind.

When we feel and recognise truth, the sense is that it is greater than, and happening beyond, our minds. That truth is intuited in a moment of revelation which trickles down into everyday life, providing it is not apprehended, distorted and delayed by the mind. This is how change happens – how people who have been stuck for decades, suddenly break free. The body is a big part of that change process. When we clearly perceive the body’s signals, change is inexorable. Thus the body, including all of the inner senses related to the internal organs, should be fully utilised to efficiently and rapidly effect necessary change.