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Access Heaven, Unite Humanity

Heaven: experientially real, accessible and shareable.

Date: Sun, 26 Apr 2020, 19:00 EEST - 22:00 EEST

Heaven: a mutual experience
Heaven: a mutual experience

Watch this ultimate sense-making pep talk. 3 hours 35 minutes of solid, entertaining, hard, tough, fair and fun (at least for me) exhortations that develop this season's choiciest core themes. Send your availability times by email (or use contact-form, if needs be).

So, what about this mysterious place called “Heaven”?

I am going to change your concept of Heaven and make it experientially real, accessible and shareable in this life. Perhaps, thereby, we can change humanity. It will certainly change your life.

For thousands of years, the concept of heaven has been promoted, in various forms, to the majority of humanity, as a supreme realm coexisting and interacting with life on Earth, accessible only to those with special privilege when passing over to the afterlife. Heaven has captivated our imagination, longed for and imagined by billions of human beings. And yet, for something so popular, it has remained frustratingly confusing, aloof and inaccessible.

I have been sharing the Keys to Heaven for 20 years. My participants have, so to speak, left this world and approached the mystical gates of Heaven. Of course, this necessary journey engenders all kinds of rich phenomena. The only course of action left for us now, is to go all the way in — together — because the only way to be sure that it is really happening is to have mutual shared confirmation.

To make this journey, of zero physical distance, we shall bring together all of the preparatory methods that I have taught during the past 20 years.

To be absolutely clear:

  • Heaven exists.
  • Heaven is a destination.
  • Heaven is nonphysical.
  • Heaven can be a mutual experience.
  • Access to Heaven does not require a mediator.
  • Heaven is available during a human lifetime.
  • Access to heaven does not require death.
Video: "SPIRITUAL TEACHING Like Never Before"

Foundational Video Replays

Feast on the season's dynamic progression of themes to establish your experiential understanding:

Déjà Vu Reviewed’ –> ‘Dying Light’ –> ‘Deepest Merging’ –> ‘Ancestral Blood Healing’ –> ‘False Idol Perceptions’ –> ‘Sexual Energy’ –> ‘Lying: Pain Energetics’ –> ‘Easter: Sex & Death’ –> ‘Easter: Resurrection Blips’ –> ‘Paradise Regained: Empathy

To reserve a replay send your availability times by email (or else use the contact form).


Inflatory or revelatory?

The JaHo/Ced crew chewing conceptual cud, puzzling life's least troubling but most remarkable existential issues in ‘A Skeptic’s Testimony of the Transmission

The renditioned fat of my live event ‘Paradise Lost, Eden Regained’ rendered down the oesophageal rabbit hole of the JaHolian world view: ‘Leaving Hell: Restoring the Love Body of Humanity’.

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